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            Choose Lin Lei's         Big reason6 reasons to choose the                  Ming Dynasty6

          1Years of industry experience

          Focus on the  development and design, production, sales and maintenance of one-stop  service, its own modern management of production workshop, optimize the  processing technology, improve the management process for customers to  quickly supply.

          2Technical strength, professional R & D

          Copper cross-sectional area to reach the national 3C standard, copper content of 99% or more, the conductivity of 99% or more.

          Kunshan Zifeng Dai

          5Widely used

          7X24 hours service system, the company has an independent division,

          Any questions the first time for you to solve, protect the interests of customers.

          6Professional after - sales service team

          All production processes are completed in their own workshop,

          Without any intermediate channels,

          The greatest degree of benefit to customers.

          Self-styled bag

          3Testing equipment Well

          Follow the international  quality management system, with advanced processing and testing  settings, complete configuration, processing equipment up to ten, more  than the detection of large categories of equipment.

          4Cooperation customers

          And Haier,  millet, Carrefour, Evergrande real estate, CITIC real estate and other  well - known long - term cooperation, customers get the praise.

          Kunshan Zifeng Dai

          ABOUT US

          Kunshan Zifeng Dai

          Kunshan Lin Lei Plastic  Packaging Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the packaging industry for  decades, after more than 10 years of development, packaging industry has  become a more powerful one of the packaging company. The company has advanced professional packaging and printing equipment. The  company's main plastic printing Zifeng Dai, plastic PE flat pockets,  bubble film, three-side zipper bags, printing bags, composite vacuum  bags, paper box paper bags, anti-static Zifeng Dai, anti-static Zifeng  Dai, Printing, plastic packaging business. The  company introduced more sets of self-styled bag line equipment,  specializing in the production of Zifeng Dai and Zifeng Dai printing,  Kunshan is the only one self-styled bag manufacturers.



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          Anti-static self-sealing bag Product Description Anti-static self-styled bag 【Zifeng bag】 (also known as bone bag) Polyethylene (LDPE) made of a sealed bag, is a green product, tough and durab...[detailed]

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